Handbag Spa | Dry Cleaning & Restoration – The Leather Laundry

30 years of industry experience in Handbag Dry Cleaning & Repair At The Leather Laundry, we have 30 years of industry experience in manufacturing leather handbags, wallets and belts! We can thus proudly claim to offer immaculate stitch-work and craftsmanship for our leather handbag repair services in Delhi & Mumbai! We also have wonderful leather […]

How to Take Care of Your Luxury Handbag | The Leather Laundry

Wondering how to take care of your luxury handbag? – The decision to splurge on a luxury handbag is usually accompanied by an expectation that your new purchase will last for years to come. Designer bags are often considered investment purchases because of their high price, which usually indicates superior construction and structure. While designer […]

Hermes Shoe Spa & Repair – The Leather Laundry

We received a pair of old, grubby, discoloured and torn Hermes Shoes for repair! Check out our treatment and transformation images of our Hermes shoe repair project Sole Repair / Patchwork The sole of one of the shoes in the pair was badly damaged with a gaping hole! We managed to do some very neat […]

Tips for Picking and Packing the Best Travel Shoes

Countless people travel every year. In fact, over 60 million Americans traveled overseas in 2016 (to say nothing of domestic trips)! Their reasons are manifold — business trips, family reunions, taking that long-overdue vacation. But wherever they’re going and whatever the reason, every traveler faces the same dilemma: what shoes should I bring? Look, I […]

Leather Sofa Cleaning & Polishing in Delhi & Mumbai | The Leather Laundry

Leather is highly valuable because: Beauty: This material takes well to a variety of finishing processes, designs, and color applications. Because it’s natural, leather comes in a variety of surface patterns and textures. A pleasant scent and rich feel add to it’s appeal. Comfort: Leather is porous, which allows moisture out and air in. This natural insulator […]

Jacket Repair, Patchwork, Panel Replacement, Customisation & Alteration | The Leather Laundry

Howdy Patrons, Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali! With winters just around the corner, it is almost time to pull out your jackets from the closet to make sure that they are good to go for the upcoming season! We here at TLL, offer unique repair & replacement & restoration solutions for your beloved […]

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