Shift From Throwaway Living To A Circular Economy | Post COVID-19 Scenario

Return of Repair: A Possible Shift From a Use-and-Throw Culture..

All of us are in the grip and thick of the COVID-19 crisis! Most nations have been in a lockdown situation since the last couple of months! The economy has come to a screeching halt and everything is on pause mode! Most of us are struggling to keep ourselves afloat!

India, much like the west, has developed into a throwaway economy in the last one decade! Barely used resource intensive products tend to find their way in landfills! ‘Reuse’ and ‘refurbishment’ as concepts are still at a very nascent stage in our country!

However these unprecedented times will surely alter the way people buy and consume products and services! We foresee a shift from a wasteful consumerism driven economy to a more circular economy!

With lesser resources at hand, every buy will be recycled and repurposed! This will soon become a habit & will evolve into a mindset all together! We will –

  • Start eliminating the unnecessary.
  • Stop purchasing the latest and second question every buy.
  • Select and maintain keepsakes with care.

Repairing and mending will come back in a big way to create value in the old and the familiar!

The mending mindset will become the new norm for sustainable living! COVID-19 will make fixing ‘cool’!

What The Leather Laundry Does..

At The Leather Laundry we aim at popularising the ‘mend mentality’ of soldering on!

We repurpose wasteful to useful through our mending, darning, repair, up-cycling & restoration services! We give a new lease of life to your precious handbags and shoes!

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