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Sustainable Fashion – Repurposing Wasteful to Useful | The Leather Laundry

Buy Wear Repeat – A trend that has come up in the last few years is that sustainable fashion is not just restricted to the ramp as a concept, but is also slowly finding it’s way into wardrobes are wearable fashion! Growing consumer awareness and fashion brands promoting upcycling and recycling has led to the growing popularity of such designs!

The fashion industry is the second largest pollutant in the world after oil and many Indian designers are making an effort to minimize wastage during the manufacturing process and are slowly coming up with more ideas for recycling!

Plastic Recycling

Any kind of plastic can be converted into yarn to make garments! if more people start doing this, we can considerably reduce plastic waste! X ray reels and films can be used to create brocade and ribbon! T-shirts are being made out of recycled plastic bottles by a lot of retail outlets in India, now.Molten plastic is processed into polyester thread! The resulting fabric is light and perfect for Indian weather and trumps regular polyester which involves the use of large amounts of chemical , water and fossil fuels and whose by-products are toxic.

Upcycling – A New Concept

Upcycling has been an old concept in Indian homes! When our grandmothers used to stitch cushion covers out of old clothes! These days designers are using leftover fabric from a collection to make packaging material and cloth buttons! Designers are using worn garments to shred them into yarn which is then used to make a new collection! The idea is to minimize wastage in the textile industry!  Upcycling & Repurposing is slowly gaining prominence!

Conscious Consumers and Growing Awareness

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the hazards of consumerism and fast fashion! Thanks to extensive campaigning on environmental issues, people are now willing to buy one recycled garment that is more expensive but will last longer, over two garments! Earlier excess in the fashion world was considered to be a problem of only first world countries! But now, the concept is slowly taking the shape and form of a full blown “sustainable fashion trend” in third world countries like India too!

Buy Wear Repeat

At The Leather Laundry, we encourage people to not dump their precious leather handbags and shoes in haste! A lot of water is used to process leather in tanneries! Leather manufacturing also results in air pollution!

We salvage torn leather jackets through innovative patchwork solutions! We mend and darn torn handbags! Shoe sole repair, broken handle fixing, faux leather handbag upcycling – we do it all! Thus, by dissuading people to discard their leatherwear & accessories, we support the ‘Buy Wear Repeat’ movement! TLL is all about responsible fashion!

buy wear repeat

Simply buy wear repeat by availing our dry cleaning, restoration, repair & replacement services!


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