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Wondering How To Sanitise Leather?

How To Sanitize Leather Handbags

In the wake of COVID-19, all of us are stuck at our homes with nowhere to go! Economic activity has come to a halt and several stages of a nationwide lockdown have come and gone!

Now, we are slowly approaching a stage wherein, the lockdown will soon be lifted and we will probably have to learn to live with Corona Virus! So how do we go about it ?

We will of course put on our shoes, carry our handbags/briefcases and step out! Most of these accessories are made of leather! How do you ensure that the leather remains clean and virus free? Shoes & Bags can carry upto 10,000 kinds of bacteria! That makes them dirtier than an average toilet!

You can very well sanitise your hands and wash them at regular intervals, wear your masks and ensure that you are safeguarded! But how to safeguard your luxury leather items?

Do not try any kind of alcohol based or bleach based products at home as your leather is bound to react badly with them!

Here is a DIY tip on how to sanitise leather at home.

  • Mix mild baby soap in lukewarm water
  • Take a soft muslin cloth or sponge, soak it into the mixture and rinse out the solution well.
  • Rub this mildly damp sponge/cloth in circular motions across the surface of the leather
  • Then wipe off the solution with a dry cloth.
  • You can sanitise your metal hardware and chains with pea sized hand sanitiser but make sure it does not come into contact with leather.

P.S. – The above method only works for pigmented or treated leathers! To clean as suede/nubuck, use a suede brush with soft bristles to brush off dry dust and grime. Alternatively you can also use a fine sandpaper!

We here at The Leather Laundry are selling disinfection sprays for your luxury leather handbags and shoes! We offer designer bag sanitisation and cleaning services in Delhi, Mumbai & all other metro cities of India.

What the sanitisation spray does:

-The solution kills/wipes off potential viruses, bacteria and germs! It acts as an effective sanitiser for leather.

-It also keeps fungus and mold at bay.

-This spray can be applied on all kinds of leathers – nappa, suede, nubuck, patent etc.

-It does not leave any odour or marks.

-The solution also helps to get rid of dirt, dust & grime sitting on the surface of treated leathers.

-It lends a soft texture to suede leathers and brilliancy/shine to patent.

Directions of use:

  • Spray the solution gently and evenly across the surface of the leather.
  • Then take a soft muslin cloth or sponge and rub it in circular motions across the surface of the leather, until the solution is wiped off dry.
  • The solution can also safely sanitise metal hardware and chains & also the inside fabric of handbags.
  • Store the solution in a cool and dry place, it does not expire.

For more information on how to sanitise leather, write to us info@theleatherlaundry.com or ping us on whatsapp at +919711255431! We offer a wide range of designer bag cleaning services in Delhi, Mumbai & all major metro cities of India!






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