Top 10 Shoe Laundry Services in Mumbai

The Leather Laundry is a trusted name when it comes to professional fashion accessories laundry care, repair, and restoration. They have started in Mumbai and have widened their service range to various major cities of India. Their experience spans more than a decade in the field of professional shoe care services. They specialize in services like shoe cleaning through color restoration, shoe dry cleaning, sneaker cleaning, and many more. So, if you staying in Mumbai and on the lookout for the best leather or sneaker cleaning services near you then can approach The Leather Laundry for a great service experience.

Significance of Shoe Laundry Services

We have developed the habit of underestimating the state and condition of our footwear and taking it for granted. Our shoes shield us against corns, fungal infections, athlete foot, and multiple other foot diseases and issues. Adding to this, they also help absorb shocks and impacts dealt by our bodies. They ensure minimal adversities dealt by our ankles, knees, hip joints, and lower back. Hence, it is important to focus on things like suitable shoe selection based on intended activity, their cleaning, and maintenance, alteration, and replacement in regular intervals. Proper shoe cleaning, repair, and restoration methods can help your shoes be well-equipped to face the harshness of environmental conditions and indeed keeping your feet protected.

The importance of shoe maintenance, repair, and restoration services aren’t highlighted enough because of the sheer lack of initiative. You would be surprised to know that by adopting professional shoe repair services you can do a world of good not only for you but also for our planet’s wellbeing.

Promising Aspects of Shoe Repair & Laundry Services

  • You would be doing your part in keeping the environment clean by opting for possible repairs. Recyclability of shoes is a challenge because of the involvement of several fabrics clubbed into one. This way you can reduce your waste contribution to the garbage landfills keeping your surroundings green.
  • You can actually save a few bucks and invest elsewhere if you opt for repair services. Designer or high-quality shoes cost a hefty amount and replacement is often a costlier option. If a repair can fix minor issues with your footwear, it is advisable to go for it.
  • Repairing and alterations bestow chances for newer and better customizations which could add more functionality and flexibility to your shoes. By replacing or altering a single component you now have the luxury to change the entire look and feel of your beloved shoes and wear it for long.
  • Most importantly, you are contributing to the socio-economic growth and development of your community by providing employability to the skilled and unskilled manpower in this niche. Unless you refrain from using repair and restoration services, these sectors would grow in leaps and bounds.

If you happen to stay in Mumbai, the city of dreams, it is needless to say that you are in dire need of shoe repair and restoration services. You are in luck, as we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 10 professional shoe laundry services in Mumbai to cater to an extensive list of cleaning activities. Be it shoe cleaning through color restoration, dry cleaning, etc, they have it all covered. If you like sneaker shoes, some of them offer sneaker cleaning services as well.

1. The Leather Laundry

The Leather Laundry is well-known for its illustriousness and exuberant craftsmanship as far as leather and various other fabric laundry and spa services are concerned. They have stamped their unparallel dominance as a professional laundry service provider by adopting superlative quality as their USP. The range of shoe cleaning and dry-cleaning services they provide attracts a huge customer base eager to be associated with them. Their prowess lies in their practices associated with sneaker cleaning services and procedures.

2. Steam Press Shoe Laundry Service

They are located at Kandivali east and provide services like shoe, bag, helmet, and jacket cleaning. They offer scheduled free pickup and delivery services from your doorstep. As the name suggests, they are well known for their steam pressing practices for suitable accessories.

3. Relook Shoe Laundry

If you happen to stay in Andheri East, then you avail the services of Relook shoe laundry for all kinds of shoes. They offer services like footwear laundry and refurbishing for various shoes. They also provide color correction and fixing the color tones for different kinds of shoes.

4. The Shoe Laundry

One of the oldest names in shoe care services, The Shoe Laundry started of Ghatkopar & Chembur and presently have shoe service centers in almost all the major cities of India. It is a name associated with quality and professionalism when it comes to shoe laundry services like cleaning, repairing, and restoration.

5. Clean Steps – The Shoe Laundry

Clean steps are located at Borivali West locality and boast off as a certified professional shoe cleaner extending their service even on weekends. They offer free pick-up and delivery services for orders from all of their stores in India.

6. Rugged Shoe Laundry & Repair

They have well-trained professional cleaners with expertise in cleaning, repairing, and restoration of leather, suede, and synthetic fabric accessories. Located at Bhandup West locality they have gotten quite a name for the services rendered by them.

7. Paramount Shoe Laundry

Located at Andheri West, Paramount Shoe Laundry extends a detailed list of shoe laundry solutions like cleaning, washing, repairing, and conditioning. Added to these, they are also good at providing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments for all kinds of fashion accessories.

8. J & D Shoe Laundry

Along with providing professional shoe care services for leathers, J & D shoe laundry is equally efficient with sneakers and sports shoes. They have a long list of assorted services that they provide and gained a great customer base operating out of Malad East.

9. Futstep Shoe Laundry

With their workshop set at Kandivali East, they are in the professional shoe laundry services for more than a decade. They enjoy the loyalty of a rich customer base and specialize in a wide array of shoe repairing and alteration methods. They have special expertise in shoe restoration and color correction.

10. RSL Care

Located at Khar west, RSL Care extends an impressive shoe laundry service range for its customers. Over the span of a few years, they have exhibited skillful methods in addressing issues with shoe repair. Along with shoes they also deal with accessories of various kinds. They specialize in dry cleaning leather handbags and other leather accessories.

top 10 shoe laundry services in Mumbai


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