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A leather jacket needs a good cleaning, polishing, and restoration regime for durability and longevity. Providing these exceptionally great services is The Leather Laundry. With a presence over major cities in India like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune & Bangalore, it aims to render industry-leading leather repair & restoration services ensuring customer satisfaction. They specialize in leather jacket cleaning, polishing, repair, and alterations services adhering to great standards and professionalism.

A leather jacket possesses a flair and panache that gives it a natural chic factor. It is the perfect apparel for the fashion-savvy. Thanks to the charismatic reel personalities who have glorified the stylish and hip effect that a leather jacket possesses. Be it Steve McQueen in ‘The Great Escape’, John Travolta in ‘Grease’, Mel Gibson in ‘Mad Max’, Harrison Ford in ‘Indiana Jones, Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun’, Nicolas Cage in ‘Wild at Heart’, Al Pacino in ‘Carlito’s Way’, Brad Pitt in ‘Fight Club’, Hugh Jackman in ‘X-men’; all of these iconic portrayals have been the trailblazers in portraying the leather jacket as a trendsetter across several decades.

Celebrities wearing a leather jacket ooze a flamboyant vibe with it. This is a huge reason factoring to its popularity. A fashion accessory that has descended across generations. It strikes the perfect balance of sheer comfort and elegance.

The Unique Snug & Fit of a Leather Jacket

Selecting a high-end leather jacket is subjective and demands attention to various features. Details like the fit and texture of the jacket are important. It should complement the wearer’s physique and help enhance it. Natural leather is an organic material that tends to get stretchy with every wear. The grade, leather type, and usage frequency decide the extent of stretch and the way it snugs over the body. Leather fabric involves an intensive and difficult manufacturing process compared to other fabrics.

Hence, tailoring and alteration of garments made out of leather is a costly affair. Leather jacket polishing is essential for making them look clean and new along with keeping them in a plush condition. Often, polishing is not enough for worn-out jackets, and the need for leather jacket restoration arises. These restoration procedures are assistive in reviving lost luster and sheen.

Selection Hacks for Buying the Best Quality Leather Jacket

We understand that nothing feels great like the looks, touch, and most importantly, feel of a premium quality leather jacket. It can be a tough ask to tick all the right boxes on your leather jacket selection checklist. A set of selection techniques can simplify the selection method. These hacks are going to boost your leather jacket selection game and take it to another level.


The wearing and sporting experience is hampered if your favorite leather jacket doesn’t fit properly. You need to be extremely attentive in choosing the correct fit as a leather jacket is expensive and durable apparel. A poor fit can ruin your experience or render it useless for wearing altogether. Focus upon essentials like shoulder fit, length of the sleeves, jacket armholes, and length of the jacket.

Category of the Leather Jacket Skin or Hide

This might seem technical and confusing but helps enhance your wearing experience. Several leather skins are utilized in making different varieties of leather jackets. So, determining the skin or hide type is going to help you choose the right kind of leather jacket that suits your purpose.

Accents & Hardware on the Jacket

Accents are items like zippers, eyelets, buckles, rivets, and d-rings. When you select a premium grade leather jacket it is quite safe to assume that the accents and hardware are equally great complementing the premium leather itself. So, this is not a big thing you need to be bothered about but it doesn’t hurt to look for the present conditions.

Lining and Stitches

The placement of the lining and gaping of the stitches are also important in the wearing experience a leather jacket brings. The layering should be adequate but also care should be given to the breathability. You should check for reinforced stitches on areas that are prone to more stresses like pockets and flaps. Good manufacturers use rivets judiciously at these vulnerable points for strengthening.


At the end of it all, your leather jacket should be able to provide you the proper functionality that it is intended to provide. Protection against winter chills, dust from bike rides is a few things where a jacket’s functionality matters the most. The lining and the leather fabric are extremely vital for addressing a particular functionality.


leather jacket alteration

How to Repair a Leather Jacket? | Leather Jacket Repair and Patchwork 

Proactive alteration can sort out all the major issues existing with your jacket. Unlike woven textiles fabrics such as cotton, polyester, or wool, any undesirable disturbance on leather will remain as it is. This is what makes rework challenging but leather jacket alteration can always be performed by specialty professional tailors with adequate skills and experience.

Regardless of its sturdy and tough build, a leather jacket is prone to an array of defects originating from damages. These damages could be punctures in jacket fabric or wear and tear due to improper or excessive use. The use of brute force can also result in rip formation over jacket stitches.

Rips can happen at the shoulder joints and other stitch joints. Hence, it can be handy to understand ways to fix and repair these damages which could seriously hamper the usability of the jacket. Sharp objects like keys or pointy things can result in a tear due to improper handling of a leather jacket. Following few simple steps can fix these issues.

Patchwork & Repair Procedure

  • The first step involves turning the jacket inside out & undoing the jacket seam making the tear more accessible. A seam ripper tool can help undo the seam stitches properly and smoothly. Ripping the seam off can help expose the cut for reworking.
  • A timber plate can help in creating a platform for repair. Insert it inside the jacket just under the tear.
  • Apply a clear sellotape on the tear to hold it in place. Take the timber plate out turn the jacket inside out. Put the plate back keeping the seam fabric out of the way, to obtain a proper workable platform.
  • Next, apply water-based glue over the tear with the aid of an applicator. Then, blow dry it for a few seconds. Apply the glue again on the tear and smear it lightly.
  • Take a fabric as backing fabric and affix it over the glue and blow dry it to fasten the glue drying.
  • Turn the jacket and remove the sellotape gently in steps covering the tear. Ripping the tape off suddenly can reopen the tear and isn’t advisable.
  • Finally, bend the fabric at the tear gently and apply some more glue. Follow it up by blow-drying for a few seconds. Wiping and cleaning the residual glue post-blow-drying is simpler due to the water-base of the glue.
  • The tear is virtually invisible after the patchwork and gluing process.

leather jacket repair

How to Clean & Polish a Leather Jacket? | Leather Jacket Cleaning, Polishing & Restoration Process

Like all other leather accessories, a leather jacket also accumulates dust, dirt, and grime depending upon the usage, environmental conditions, and user maintenance. As a user, it is very important to stick to a proper regime in cleaning, polishing, and restoring your cherished leather jacket. You can look into the following methods that can get your jacket a new lease of life with increasing its longevity. If you are wondering about leather jacket repair near you, then it’s always nice to seek a professional tailor.

  • Before taking up any kind of cleaning procedures it is necessary to let your jacket dry properly under the shade with adequate ventilation over a wide shoulder hanger. A duration of about 24 hours would ensure optimum dryness to proceed with cleaning.
  • Damp a microfiber cloth with distilled water and is gently wipe the leather jacket. This helps remove all the surface dirt and dust. Water distillation ensures that the water is completely free of any mineral content that could be detrimental to the leather fabric.
  • Next up, utilize a saddle soap to remove any specific stain on the jacket. This soap comprises mild softening ingredients like lanolin and beeswax, especially for leather accessories cleaning. Work out lather by rubbing a damp cloth over the saddle soap and apply it over the filthy region in a small circular motion.
  • Wipe off the excess froth from the surface by rubbing with a clean damp cloth. Leave the jacket to dry on its own naturally. Perform a patch test to check and examine for any adverse effects resulting from the use of saddle soap. This is important before going forward with full-fledge cleaning.

Leather Jacket Stain Removal

The stain removal process for a leather jacket concerns factors like the nature of the stain, intensity, and spread.

  • For recent and fresh stains, use a damp cloth to dab and blot out the stain. Any vigorous rubbing action could result in deeper stain percolation into the leather.
  • Leather cleaner or detergent is poured and diluted with distilled water to make a soapy solution and a microfiber cloth is dipped into it which is used to gently dab over the stain. The lather residue is wiped off with a clean damp cloth and finally, the dry cloth is dabbed to soak up the moisture content.
  • Hang the leather jacket to dry for a few hours and repeat the entire process if the stain persists. For stains of a more stubborn and obstinate kind, use a leather fabric stain remover.
  • Take a small dab of leather stain remover and apply it to a sponge. Work it upon the stain in circular motions and wipe off excess with a clean cloth.
  • These processes are effective against rigid and stubborn stains. If these processes fail, the penultimate option is to opt for leather dry cleaning. Dry cleaning will remove any kind of stubborn and persistent stains. It does take a toll on the color, texture, and nap of the leather fabric to a certain extent. Hence, the next process is leather jacket restoration. This is instrumental in reviving and restoring the lost glory of your leather jacket.

Leather Jacket Restoration Method

A leather jacket is susceptible to scratches, fades, and develops a patina. These can happen with frequent use over a period of time. These are a part and parcel of how they function as a whole. The excessive formation of these adversities though needs curbing. If neglected these can lead to crack formation and eventual irreparable damage.

  • A professional high-quality leather conditioner can do wonders to a lifeless and placid leather jacket. Apply leather conditioner on a soft cloth. Rub over the entire jacket in moderation working in a circular motion.
  • Less is more. The trick to optimal conditioning is using less conditioner with proper application. Allow it to percolate. Areas with more stress subjection like shoulders and elbows demand more attention. Conditioning is a must after cleaning or stain removal to keep the fabric smooth and supple.
  • Apply leather recoloring balm over the jacket following cleaning and stain removal. This helps restore and replenish the lost color shade and glaze.
  • Continuous buffing after drying is the key to genuine color development and restoration. The recoloring balm is versatile not only in infusing the exact color but also in similar tones.


leather jacket polishing

These steps are a structured way for leather jacket cleaning, polishing, and restoration. It is advisable to avail of professional services for a range of solutions and flexibility. So, it is always advisable to seek professional leather care services. This way you can ensure that your beloved leather jacket stays plush and brisk. If you are looking for leather jacket alterations near your location and happen to stay in or visit Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, & Bangalore, don’t forget to drop by The Leather Laundry.



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