How to Store Shoes?

Shoes last longer when stored well! Shoes are an important possession and should be preserved in a way that they are good to go for several seasons!

Protection from heat, dust & moisture is very important to prevent the shoes from cracking and fading, while in storage! Store leather shoes the right way! Read on to know more!

Get ready to store leather shoes the right way

  1. Before storing shoes, it’s important to clean them well! Clean leather and suede shoes with a soft-bristled brush. The special leather and suede cleaning chemicals can also be used to remove stains. Canvas shoes can be cleaned with soap water! Patent leather shoes can be cleaned with plain water and a soft muslin cloth!
  2. Shoes should be sorted out and clubbed together according to season and purpose! For example, all heels and party-wear can be put together, all boots and winter shoes can be clubbed together, and so on.
  3. Exposure to heat and sunlight causes leather to fade! Too much moisture results in the growth of mould or fungus. Always store shoes in a cool, dry, and temperature-controlled area for best results.
  4. Boots should be stored in boot stands to help them retain shape. Other shoes should be stored with shoe trees for shape retention. Alternatively, you can use acid-free tissue paper to stuff shoes.

The right storage solution

  1. Plastic or wooden shoe racks can be used to store shoes in an orderly and user-friendly way
  2. Shoes must always be stored in cloth bags! if cloth bags are not available you can use pillow covers too! never store shoes in plastic as any kind of leather/animal hide needs to breathe!
  3. For shoes that you know you won’t be using for months, store them in their original shoe box. Alternatively, they can also be stored in plastic boxes, so that you can see the shoes through the boxes.
  4. Always put a pouch of silica gel in every pair you store so that it absorbs the excess moisture and prevents the growth of mould or fungus!
  5. do not stack shoes on top of each other!

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how to store leather shoes


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