White Shoes – Maintenance & Care

How To Clean White Shoes

The color white symbolizes illumination, beginning with a clean slate and conveys cleanliness, novelty, and simplicity. Often related to a serene and soothing aura, white is a color that everybody relates to possibilities. There is something truly fascinating about white shoes and most people like to have them in their shoe rack. All of us love to rock different shoes to complement various purposes and occasions. This process of rotation & mix-and-match makes our whites go pale and off-color. We have excellent cleaning, maintenance, and care regime for that white footgear that you love and adore. We will make sure that your whites look vibrant in all of their glory to help you look your best self.

The urge to take up the task personally is invigorating. Although, it is better to have some tricks up your sleeve. The Leather Laundry will help you ace your white shoes cleaning game. Read on to know how to clean white shoes of any kind!

  • It is necessary to keep certain things in mind before getting that grime off your shoes. Keep the shape of your shoes intact by filling them with materials such as rags, newspapers, etc. A better option would be stuffed in a shoe tree. The stuffing makes the shoes compact and easier to handle along with retaining their shape. Moreover, they help soak liquid seepage.

How to Clean White Shoes of Leather, Suede & Nubuck

Leather shoes have the simplest cleaning process as the fabric doesn’t hold much liquid.

  • Firstly, remove the laces for a thorough reach to corners. Use a sponge made out of melamine resin to mildly buff out any lines and marks and keep the movements gentle to avoid any abrasion.
  • Make a solution of lukewarm water and a mild liquid detergent and dip in a soft cloth and wipe the exterior of the shoe.
  • Take a clean and slightly damp microfiber cloth to wipe the detergent off and dry the shoe with a towel.
  • You may use a commercial leather conditioner or make a DIY version at home and apply it to shoes and let it settle for 15 minutes and buff it up for a shiny luster.


Suede shoes and Nubuck shoes are made out of delicate fabric and cleaning them can often be tricky. Due to the material constraints, suede shoes sport a rather off-white hue but again being white it does need its own cleaning methods.

  • Get rid of any existing moisture by blotting with a soft cloth and very craftily rub any stains with a pencil eraser/fine sandpaper.
  • For wet stains, place a paper towel on top and give slight pressure without rubbing the stains.
  • Soak up a cloth in white vinegar and gently rub over any other visible stains and allow your shoes to dry.
  • Take a suede brush and rub the shoes to make them revive the lost velvety texture.


How to Clean White Shoes of Canvas, Textile & Faux Leather

Canvas Shoes need a little more work than their leather counterparts as the fabric is quite different.

  • Prepare a cleaning solution with a mild detergent and warm water and pre-treat the visible stains depending upon their appearance. You may use your fingers or preferably a soft-bristled cleaning brush.
  • Let it plunge in for 15 minutes and scrub the shoes with a sponge with the same solution.
  • For dirty soles, use a resin sponge for removing dirt and scuff marks.
  • Rinse the shoes by wiping them with a clean cloth soaked in fresh water and dry them under the shade with air circulation away from heat and sunlight. Clean and dry the laces separately.


Textile shoes are typically made out of cotton, nylon, wool, and polyester. Due to the rich variety of fabrics in play, textiles provide a variety of fibers, weaves, knits, and deniers. Cleaning them would be much simpler as compared to other variants.

  • Lightly scrub the shoes with either a clean and soft cloth or a soft-bristled brush with a solution of a mild detergent and warm water.
  • Pay attention to the direction of the knit pattern while scrubbing to maintain its structure.
  • With another clean cloth wipe off the residue and dry them under shade.

Synthetic Shoe Cleaning Process

Synthetic shoe development was the outcome of the quest for manufacturing affordable alternatives to leather. It is rather common knowledge that natural leather is considerably pricier in comparison with its alternatives. On top of it, the manufacturing costs were contrastingly low for synthetic shoes. Simply put these are polyurethane (PU) leather or simply synthetic leathers.

  • The cleaning process involves a blend that of suede shoes and leather shoes.
  • Prepare a solution with equal parts of cool water and white vinegar and dip in a clean cloth to gently remove any visible stains.
  • Take a dab of petroleum jelly and buff with a soft cloth to remove off scuff marks.
  • Apply a shoe conditioner and spread it evenly. Leave it for 15 minutes and give your shoes a good buff for an excellent shine.


The methods and procedures of cleaning your elegant white shoes are presumably indulgent and alluring but it is important to take special care in carrying out the steps. These methods can be appealing to try out at home but it definitely advisable to seek professional services to avoid any lasting damages to your shoes. We at The Leather Laundry possess the skill and finesse required for shoe cleaning and provide the finest cleaning services in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & other metro cities of India! Our processes are built upon detailed knowledge and proven experience when it comes to shoes and efficient professionals are trained for a superior customer experience.

how to clean white shoes

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