Let’s discuss on How to Clean Leather bags, Patent Leather and Suede Bags

How to Clean Leather bags, Patent Leather, and Suede Bags

Handbags have always added a style to your look. They have to be classy, stylish, and fashionable and when it comes to being fashionable then leather handbags are on the top of the list.

But many of us don’t know how to take proper care of leather products and somewhere we spoil them. But no worries now, The Leather Laundry is here with some tips on leather bag dry cleaning:

  • You may clean your leather handbag just with water and mild soap. Yes, you heard it right. Mix a cup of warm water with one or two tablespoons of mild liquid soap. Further, dip a clean cloth in the mixture and remove the excess water from it. Then wipe out your favourite handbag with the dampened cloth and pat dry it with a soft muslin cloth.
  • Start using leather conditioners to avoid cracks on the base of your handbags. You also need to keep your bag germ free and to do so make use of alcohol free baby wipes!
  • When it comes to cleaning suede you need to be extremely careful because they are quite difficult to handle. Suede is high maintenance leather, hence needs extra care. An extra tip to keep your suede bags stunning is to never use leather conditioning products on them, as conditioners tend to damage the nap on suede.
  • For cleaning patent leather, just take a soft cloth or cotton balls, dampen it with water and gently rub it on the surface of the patent leather to remove the dry dirt and dust.
  • Vinegar helps to revive patent leather. You just need to apply very little of it on a soft cloth and rub it gently across the surface of the patent. Patent is also very susceptible to staining, so store it away from darker colours to avoid dye transfer.
  • To cover scuff marks, shoe-cream is a saviour! Pick a clean cloth and apply neutral or similar colour polish to your bags. Now, wipe out the scratch gently from your purse with the cloth and let it dry!

Note: The above mentioned tips might be of help but when it comes to cleaning your luxury handbags you must avoid cleaning at home because it might damage your product. Such work needs perfection and complete knowledge of such processes.

Hence always consult a trusted service provider for professional leather bag dry cleaning needs. The Leather Laundry is one such hub where professionals help you look after your leather goodies to perfection!

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