How To Clean Suede Shoes at Home

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A prelude to suede fabric

Suede fabric in particular is impressive owing to its ingrained flexibility and sturdiness. This is the reason for its wide acceptance in fashion and ancillary verticals. The term ‘suede’ is quite popular in the fashion arena but is still a less explored material among the general masses. Attributed by the texture, look and feel of suede fabric, it might not be as aesthetically appealing as natural leather fabric, but it is an impressive fabric.

Historically, the term ‘suede’ originates from the phrase ‘gants de Suède’ and translates to ‘gloves of Sweden’. The Swedish leather garnered immense popularity and import demand among the aristocrats, during the Romanticism era in the far end of 18th century France. The combination of animal hides, pelts, and skins undergo thorough processing and results in the formation of natural leather fabric. Swedish leather artisans utilized the leather tanning process, which processed the softer inner skin instead of the rougher outer skin and resulting in a slightly rougher but sturdier material of fine delicacy. This fabric became familiar as suede leather initially used in fashion accessories for women.

General categories & classification of suede fabric

Classification of suede fabric is based upon the animal skin type it consists of.

  • Sheepskin suede

Lamb or sheepskin fabrication yields sheepskin suede which happens to be the most delicate and light-weighted suede. The softness and lightness of this suede imparts a velvety nap and is efficient in protecting against harsh winters. This is the preferred fabric for winter wear.

  • Pigskin Suede

If longevity and sturdiness are important, then the pigskin suede is the sorted suede. The texture of this suede is firm and hard which makes it less preferable as compared to sheepskin suede. The fabric possesses a shorter nap on its surface.

  • Cowhide suede

The quality of the finished cowhide Swede is on par with sheepskin suede as far as softness and fineness are concerned. The suede possesses durability as well as longevity, however not being as popular as sheepskin suede.

Suede fabric production steps and methods

  • animal slaughtering and skinning
  • hide hair follicles removal
  • leather transformation and treatment
  • leather thinning and splitting for a nappy texture
  • texturing, dyeing, and sewing

Leather tanneries follow these standard procedures for obtaining finished suede fabric. Certain shoe and apparel fabricators prefer to apply a waterproofing finish before dispatching their suede items to the market. You can find suede fabric in apparel like jackets and winter wear, fashion accessories such as handbags, jacket inner linings, designer belts, and hats as well as automobile interiors and shoe manufacturing.

Suede shoes cleaning method

Just like any other accessories or commodities made out of suede fabric, suede shoes possess lightweight and softness. The suede material is comparatively rougher and tougher than leather but special attention is necessary for its cleaning, repairing, and maintenance. By following a certain shoe cleaning regime, you can guarantee your suede shoes looking their best self.

The cleaning procedure to clean suede shoes at home is very specific and detailed. Following and applying them is quite easy and simple.

Suede shoes cleaning steps

  • The first step involves the removal of dry, stiff, stubborn stains or soiling residue using a suede eraser. A suede eraser contains crumb-sized particle filaments and is rubbed gently in a single direction throughout the suede. This ensures that the grinding residue doesn’t go inside the suede nap and is removable by brushing. Rubbing pressure is variable depending upon the staining intensity.
  • Rubbing with help of a suede brush removes left-off white shavings. The brushing action aids the accentuation of tougher stains. These are the stains that were irremovable with erasing action.
  • Shampooing of the shoes with a professional-grade suede shampoo follows the brushing action. Two parts of water and one part of shampoo constitutes a soapy solution. A significantly bigger head cleaning brush helps to apply the shampoo solution to the shoes. This ensures proper pressure and faster and better application.

Shoe conditioning & waterproofing methods

  • As the water starts to percolate the suede, the natural and original color of the suede starts to pop out and the deeper stains are removed as well. The actual color is completely restored upon drying. Stuffing like newspaper or sponge could be placed inside the damp shoes for a few hours or overnight for thorough drying.
  • The dried shoes are then brushed with a suede brush to slightly roughen the surface which aids good conditioning. A good quality suede conditioner is then sprayed over the shoes evenly for deep conditioning, nourishment and pigmentation to a small extent. The color is perfectly saturated to gain a good natural suede nap.
  • Waterproofing is the final process that comes after conditioning. Most waterproofing sprays contain silicon additives that help create a coating, but it’s always better to opt for a silicone-free spray for better results.
  • The waterproofing spray takes 30-45 minutes to dry and take effect. You can check the waterproofing by spilling a little bit of water on top of the shoes.

how to clean suede shoes

Following these steps properly can ensure proper cleaning, conditioning, and restoration of your suede shoes. It is important to brush your suede shoes daily for eradicating gentle stains.

However, it is always better to seek professional cleaning services from people who know the necessary procedures to perform this for better results. If you are wondering about questions like ‘shoe cleaning services near me‘, ‘shoe dry cleaning services, general shoe cleaning service or ‘sneaker cleaning service’ then you definitely opt for The Leather Laundry.


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