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The Leather Laundry specializes in designer bag cleaning, leather bag dry cleaning, handbag dry cleaning, handbag repair, leather bag repair. They are adept with various other bag repairs, bag zip repair, and a plethora of cleaning and restoration services. As renowned handbag dry cleaners and a similar set of services, they are well settled in major locations all over India like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, and Bangalore. If you are a resident of these cities and wondering about things like how to clean handbags, handbag repair near me, leather bag repair near me, bag Repair near me, etc. then you can definitely go for The Leather Laundry for their amazing expertise and industry prowess.

History of Handbags

Handbags have always been a useful and rather distinctive fashion statement accessory for women. The need for carrying a handbag might have been born from the urge of carrying necessary belongings. Eventually, at a slow and steady pace, it has become an object of awe and glamour. In the modern era, the advent of this trendy and voguish accessory has seen designers taking various approaches to enhance the beauty of this beloved accessory.

If you take a walk down memory lane, you will find early Europeans starting to use handbags sometime between the late 16th century and early 17th century. Interestingly, the outfits of that time lacked pockets which made men carry handbags for utilities like coins, alms, relics, and other belongings. English and French women in the wake of the 18th century preferred to carry small bags with drawstrings. Intriguingly, they were termed ‘reticules’ in France and ‘indispensables’ in England.

The advent of the world’s first designer handbag

It was in the year 1841, and the industrial revolution was on the verge of massive development. The British royal household appointed Yorkshire entrepreneur Samuel Parkinson owned Butterscotch confectionery as their official confectioner. This association made him travel to London along with his wife. He noticed the minuscule size of her wife’s purse. He desired to gift her a custom-made set of hand luggage with sufficient room for various materials . Thus, he reached out to the London-based luxury leather goods company H.J. Cave & Sons who happily came aboard. Such was the glory of its Osilite trunk that won accolades and prizes in Paris in 1867 along with many more in the coming century.

Most significantly, it was Mrs. Parkinson who got to own and sport the world’s first designer handbag. H.J. Cave’s design invigorated fabric designer behemoths like Louis Vuitton and a young Guccio Gucci. Handbag usages have been on the rise for millennia either in some form or the other. The current pop culture has left no stone unturned to ramp up the fashion quotient that a handbag brings to the overall look of women sporting them. Be it celebrities or eminent personalities, we have seen a wide range of designer handbags in use today.

However, these fashion accessories need your care and attention to maintain their mint look and feel. It is important and rather amusing to understand the fabrics, components, closures, and other materials that are significant in their fabrication. Leather bag repair and handbag repair in particular require adequate attention to detail and the necessary skill set.

Handbag Cleaning Methods & Procedures

Handbag cleaning is a quite delicate process that requires both time, effort, and all the necessary tools and appliances. Designer bag cleaning, leather bag dry cleaning, or any generic handbag dry cleaning, all have separate sets of cleaning methods. If the question “how to clean handbags” is on your mind, then read on for all the details of cleaning patterns.

Professional handbag dry cleaners use the following steps to achieve an adequate degree of cleaning, weighing in various considerations. These considerations are fabric delicacy, stitching patterns, zippers, closure materials, and present condition of the fabric.

Designer Handbag Cleaning Process

Notable handbag dry cleaners are quite professional in the cleaning and restoration process. They are quite particular about the smooth and intricate nature of designer bag cleaning. They also give proper emphasis on the handbag dry cleaning process.

Handbag Repair & Restoration Procedure

Handbag repair and particularly leather bag repair requires elementary knowledge and expertise in understanding and identifying faults and issues in major areas and components of a bag or handbag. Most of the time issues pertain to fabric body, color, handle, handle attachment, zipper, strap, and other significant accents that bestow dynamism to the handbag like belt loops, rings, fringes, buckles, and the brand logo/emblem embossment or attachment. Designer brands give special attention to the accents that provide a factor of prominence through these add-ons.

One should seek leather handbag or handbag repair in particular when the following irregularities creep up.

  • Leather cracking and peeling off born out of fabric dryness and moisture loss.
  • Discoloration resulting from exposure to light, oil, dust, and harsh temperature that fluctuates the pH balance of leather.
  • Fungal/mold growth on leather appears when stored in conditions with high humidity, the warmer surrounding temperature, and improper ventilation.

Handbag repair procedure

Professional repair services are a must when it comes to preserving the condition and safeguarding your leather handbag from various impairments. Handbag repair and leather bag repair undergo the following process.

  • The initial process of deconstruction starts with the removal of the handle attachment. A clipping tool helps to remove the handle properly. Most handle attachments are either clasping closures or screw fixtures that keep the handle secured to the bag.
  • A pointy knife helps take the stitches off of the bag with extra attention to unwanted erratic knife movement.  The zipper closure arrangement removal makes internal access easy.
  • Stitching off the bag pockets aid in checking for any deformations or material scuffing, wear and tear.
  • Turning the bag inside out provides a better idea and helps with inspecting for ‘stay’ deformation and breakage. The stays are layers of fabric that provide shape and firmness to the handbag. Damage or rupture in the stays affects the outer fabric material and makes them vulnerable to impact.

Handbag cleaning with leather soap

  • After detachment of the necessary side of the bag, the remainder undergoes refinishing process. All individual fabrics in their separate form go through cleansing with a water-borne leather soap. Leather cleaning with this soap is safe and unharming.
  • Suppose, there is a stain formation out of ink spillage or dye transfer, there is a need for a chemical-based solvent cleaning agent which has moderate chances of discoloring the fabric but still does the job.
  • The handle fabric along with all the corresponding metal accents and hardware follow all the similar cleaning processes.
  • Depending upon the leather fabric condition, either the same leather is reattached or a new piece is attached. A pattern identical to the size of the bag is then cut out and stays are stitched to the seams.
  • Professional sewing machines are used to stitch the new material and stay to the seam of the bag. It is quite important to master the skill of restitching the bag in the preexisting holes instead of creating new ones which could affect the strength of the fabric as well as affecting it aesthetically.

Handbag color restoration process

  • The next step is quite fascinating. The wholly stitched bag is airbrushed to infuse true natural color onto the fabric. To obtain the actual color tone, various pigmented colors are picked proportionately with a syringe and mixed very carefully.
  • The use of a syringe ensures just an adequate amount of pigment discharge for an exact measurement. A precision airbrush spray gun with very fine particulate discharge helps to load pigmented color mixture.
  • The precision of the airbrush gun is vital to keep the spray discharge minimal without affecting the fabric texture and nap. Spraying takes place in multiple steps for ensuring rich color development on the fabric.
  • The handle stitching method comprises of folding the fabric equally together for obtaining a smooth-looking finish.
  • Next, the treating and polishing of the accent hardware make the handbag look trendy and stylish.  They help restore a glazy and glossy finish to the bag. Various creative attachments can portray an embellished look to the bag.
  • Next, all the pockets are stitched along with the zipper closure attachment to finish the repair and restoration process.

Bag repair and bag zip repair is carried out in the following steps:

  • A zipper or zip consists of three primary components. The ‘puller’ pulls the zipper and the ‘window’ closes the zipper track. The ‘throat’ of the zipper unzips the closed zipper track.
  • Additionally, zippers tend to lose their functionality of zipping and unzipping owing to vigorous usage.
  • To ensure proper functionality, one should pay special attention to zipping property and repeatability. Consequently, this determines the usability of the same zipper before going for a replacement.

Bag repair and bag zip repair are pretty significant in holding up the true functionality of the handbag. These bag repair and the bag zip repair procedures are keen on making sure that you don’t face any problematic encounters in your usage and feel confident sporting the look.

The Leather Laundry has nice and impressive facilities in metro cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, and Bangalore that are unrivaled. Complemented by their knack for excellence and premium industry-leading practices, they glam up your daily-use accessories, making them look great!

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