Still compromising on trends? Because you don’t find them affordable?

The year 2022 was all about trends coming and going but the one trend that this year brought up and won’t vanish soon is the trend of Sneakers. Footwear is the fastest-growing industry at present. It is the biggest competition in the clothing sector. People are opting for expensive footwear and are ready to invest […]

Leather Sofas could be the Charm to your Home

“A little investment goes a long way.” Do you agree? A home is where every person with an Indian upbringing focuses on investing what they have saved. According to the mindset that Indians are brought up with, our savings are meant to be invested in a place where they could last a lifetime and a […]

Setting your Own Trends with The Leather Laundry!

The time is such that kids these days are very attracted towards everything that is made as per their choices. They want a personal touch to everything possible. Even birthday gifts have started to be customized with pictures and cute little decorations with fun lines to describe the friendship or the bond. Not just gifts […]

Why is it Important to Keep your Shoes Clean?

The 21st century and the present-day kids are all about following the trend. The trends that they see online, are the ones created by famous models, actors and influencers. Social media is a dark hole and present-day kids have entered that, there’s no way out for them. These kids can do anything and can go […]

A Little Personal Touch can make a Huge Difference

It’s been quite a tradition in Indian households, individuals normally save up and invest all their savings to make the most magnificent and gorgeous house for themselves and their families. Those small particulars and thoughtful touches would undoubtedly mean a lot to them. Customization and unique touches are popular not just among Indian families but […]

Sneakers are the new Black

The gen Z and their passion for sneakers are currently taking over the world. One of the major brands for the same is Nike. These youngsters are especially drawn to them because of their fresh and limited collections. Hype rules the world of footwear. People will spend any amount of money to get the sneakers […]


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