How to Store Shoes?

Shoes last longer when stored well! Shoes are an important possession and should be preserved in a way that they are good to go for several seasons! Protection from heat, dust & moisture is very important to prevent the shoes from cracking and fading, while in storage! Store leather shoes the right way! Read on […]

Let’s discuss on How to Clean Leather bags, Patent Leather and Suede Bags

How to Clean Leather bags, Patent Leather, and Suede Bags Handbags have always added a style to your look. They have to be classy, stylish, and fashionable and when it comes to being fashionable then leather handbags are on the top of the list. But many of us don’t know how to take proper care […]

How To Sanitise Leather Handbags & Shoes | The Leather Laundry

Wondering How To Sanitise Leather? In the wake of COVID-19, all of us are stuck at our homes with nowhere to go! Economic activity has come to a halt and several stages of a nationwide lockdown have come and gone! Now, we are slowly approaching a stage wherein, the lockdown will soon be lifted and […]

Shift From Throwaway Living To A Circular Economy | Post COVID-19 Scenario

Return of Repair: A Possible Shift From a Use-and-Throw Culture.. All of us are in the grip and thick of the COVID-19 crisis! Most nations have been in a lockdown situation since the last couple of months! The economy has come to a screeching halt and everything is on pause mode! Most of us are […]

Premium Sneaker Cleaning Service | The Leather Laundry

Sneaker Cleaning Service & Care 101 Sneaker Cleaning & Repair Services – India is seeing a rise in the subculture of sneakerheads — people who collect, trade or appreciate/love sneakers. Sneakerheads know their subject. They associate sneakers with a piece of art, history or streetwear. They’re products of multi-genre exploration, bringing together the worlds of […]

Premium Shoe Laundry in Mumbai | The Leather Laundry

Shoe Laundry in Mumbai – The Leather Laundry Premium Shoe Laundry in Mumbai – TLL is a niche spa & repair service for luxury leather & suede shoes of all kinds! We salvage your favourite pumps, stilettos, ankle booties, wedges, loafers, oxfords, mules, trainers, brogues etc.  Through our premium cleaning and repair processes, we enhance […]


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