How To Clean Suede Shoes at Home

The Leather Laundry is a notable entity proficient in professional shoe cleaning, repair, and restoration services. The fact that makes them amazing at their job is their team of industry-leading personnel and variety in equipment. TLL enjoys nice patronage in this sector operating out of Mumbai. They provide the best shoe cleaning service in Mumbai […]

Handbag Cleaning & Repair Services in India

Handbag Cleaning & Repair Services | Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune & Bangalore  The Leather Laundry specializes in designer bag cleaning, leather bag dry cleaning, handbag dry cleaning, handbag repair, leather bag repair. They are adept with various other bag repairs, bag zip repair, and a plethora of cleaning and restoration services. As renowned handbag dry […]

How To Fix a Zipper on a Bag

The Leather Laundry is an industry-leading professional dealing with a wide gamut of fashion accessories. They also possess expertise in various cleaning, repair, restoration, and fabrication procedures. They specialize in multiple fabric repairs and specific repairs like bag zip repair, leather bag repair, handbag repair are just a few of the many assorted services they […]

How to Repair Nike Shoes | The Leather Laundry

Nike Shoes Repair & Maintenance The Leather Laundry is a premium shoe specialization facility with outlets present across all the major metros in India. They have proven expertise and prowess with all kinds of shoes and related cleaning, repairing, and conditioning techniques. This way they make sure that the user ends up with excellent craftsmanship […]

Shoe Cleaning & Repair Services in India | The Leather Laundry

Shoe Cleaning & Repair Services | Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore The Leather Laundry has set up exemplary benchmarks when it comes to shoe care concerns.  They extend best-in-class and industry-leading cleaning, repair, and conditioning for long life and durability all over India. Be it shoe repair, shoe cleaning, shoe dry cleaning, or numerous kinds […]

White Shoes – Maintenance & Care

How To Clean White Shoes The color white symbolizes illumination, beginning with a clean slate and conveys cleanliness, novelty, and simplicity. Often related to a serene and soothing aura, white is a color that everybody relates to possibilities. There is something truly fascinating about white shoes and most people like to have them in their […]


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