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The Best Men’s Wallets to Buy in 2017 – The Leather Laundry

Wondering which wallets to invest in, for 2017 ?  A wallet is a man’s treasured possession! An attractive leather wallet is all about the perfect blend of style and elegance! Wether you prefer to carry cash or cards, here is a list of the best leather wallets to invest your hard earned money in- Paul […]

How to Make your Leather Shoes Last Longer | The Leather Laundry

Wondering how to increase the shelf life of your leather shoes? Since we splurge our hard earned money on expensive leather shoes, we of course desire to retain them for the longest of time! Here are some simple tips to follow to make your leather shoes last longer: Image source : acetshirt Do not Store […]

How to Spot a Fake Handbag with Technology & More | The Leather Laundry

Spot a Fake Handbag with Technology & More! When you splurge on a Louis Vuitton, Hermes or Chanel, you want to be sure that it is 100% original and authentic! Differentiating between a real and a knockoff is a tedious art of counting stitches, feeling the grain of the leather and comparing print (monogram) patterns! […]

Top Designer Bags to Invest in for 2017 – The Leather Laundry

While purchasing a luxury handbag, you not only need to find a style that you truly love, but you also need to find out which brands and which particular styles of these brands would always stay in fashion and have the maximum resale value! For example a super expensive Birkin is expected to double in […]

How to Clean Leather Sofa at Home | Cleaning Hacks

Leather is a product of nature and just like human skin, it has certain unique features and characteristics. Proper care and maintenance can make leather last a lifetime! However leather is also very porous in nature and is thus very easily susceptible to  dirt, dust and staining. Leather sofas cost a fortune, and so we […]

Our Shoe Cleaning Services

What is the process of Shoe Cleaning? Leather is a product of nature, and thus requires a specialised cleaning process. Shoe cleaning entails a technical procedure! Often times we observe that people end up giving their leather shoes for cleaning to regular dry-cleaners. Generic dry cleaning of shoes can also be done at home with […]

Dry Clean Leather Shoes at Home – The Leather Laundry

Shoe Care | Shoe Laundry | Shoe Spa | Shoe Cleaning | Shoe dry-cleaning | The Leather Laundry | Delhi | NCR | Mumbai

How to Store Leather Handbags & Shoes – Tips by The Leather Laundry

Why  is it important to store your leather shoes and leather handbags properly ? Leather is animal hide and thus a product of nature! It is very malleable and thus changes shape and form very easily! If leather shoes and handbags are tucked away in a moist place then they will get riddled with mold! […]

Shoe Care Tips | Leather & Suede Shoe Cleaners, Storing & Shoe Repair

Great looking leather shoes can add an extra punch to any attire, and can last you a lifetime! FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS TO ENSURE THAT YOUR EXPENSIVE LEATHER SHOES LAST LONGER! Below are some simple shoe care tips – Shoe Cleaning –  Most  brands will have in-house shoe cleaners and creams so always ask the […]

Shoe Repair, Heel Repair, Sole Repair, Shoe Stretching – Secrets!

Photo source: www.pinterest.com Shoes are a treasured possession and wear off over time due to repeated use! The right care and repair tricks, make your beloved shoes and heels last longer! Below are some shoe repair solutions to save your shoes! Below are all kinds of ways to deal with scuffed shoes, worn out heels, […]

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We offer personal pick-up/drop-off service in Delhi/NCR and Mumbai!

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The Leather Laundry is India’s first one-stop-shop for all your premium leather, suede and fur care needs! – Shoe Repair | Bag Repair | Jacket Repair | Heel Repair | Boot Repair | Luggage Bag Repair | Sofa Repair and Drycleaning Services in Delhi and Mumbai!


-Modification of colour and quality of lining and hardware as per your liking.
– Strap length adjustment of leather bags
-Personal monogramming of names, initials, messages etc.
-Modification of texture and colour of leather as per your liking!
-Additional embroidery work/printing.

Last but not the least, we also offer made-to-order leather jackets!!!


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