Shoe Laundry Near You! – Yes, TLL is serving Bangalore now with a door pick-up and drop service!

Shoe Laundry Near You! – Yes, TLL is serving Bangalore now with a door pick-up and drop service!

TLL – India’s premium niche spa & repair service for luxury leather & suede goods has been in business since 2015. We proudly claim to have the finest technical know-how when it comes to leather apparel, accessories & shoes; our laundry, repair, and customisation service speaks for itself.

Owing it to our founder, expert team, their dedication, and the plethora of love we’ve received over the years, TLL is elated to announce that we are now providing a door pick-up and drop facility in Bangalore!

How exciting is that! From receiving shoes for laundry of Bangalore patrons and carrying out the tough task of logistics and delivery through shipping companies to now facilitating door pick-up and delivery in Bangalore itself, it feels like a big achievement. We feel delighted and even more energetic to render our services in Bangalore now. The city and its people have always been a treat to work with; be it anything, laundry, repair, or customisation, we only have great experiences with our Bangalore patrons.

Shoes & their maintenance

Shoes can either make or break your look. They’re as vital as clothes and for some folks, even more than that. Hence, it’s important to maintain them for years to come.

Shoes, be it a pair of sneakers or stilettos often catch a lot of dirt and dust particles from contamination and exposure to the outside world; one cannot buy shoes and keep them intact. Daily life exposes our shoes to a lot of ruins and damage which is difficult to take out unless one goes for a professional laundry service.

At TLL, under shoe laundry, we offer an exuberant array of services that treat your high-end shoes the way they should be treated – with love and care. A shoe laundry involves deep cleaning and conditioning to preserve the look and texture of the shoes. All sorts of stains, particles, and pigmentation are removed perfectly, the moisture content is restored and shoes are made to look cleaner and lovely.

Shoe Laundry Bangalore

That’s what a shoe laundry at TLL provides your shoes – a new look!

How to go about it –

Send us your address and leave the rest to us. We will pick up and deliver as per your preferred hours and all safety protocols will be followed by our delivery agents in these tough times.

You can always send us your shoes or come over to our Bangalore store and say hi! Below is our address:

38/3, Marathahalli – Sarjapur Rd, Jakkasandra Extension, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560034.

Get your products serviced with the finest bag & shoe laundry in town at the comfort of your home. Bangalore folks, you’ve got TLL at your service at all times!

We cater to all major metro cities of India (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Bengaluru, etc.) and offer pick-up and drop service in most! Try us and you won’t regret it because customer satisfaction & quality are our top priorities.

We wish to get bigger & better this year. Just keep the love flowing! 😉


Contact us –

Official Website- www.theleatherlaundry.com

Email us at- info@theleatherlaundry.com

Or you can contact us on- +91-11-22795768, +91-9711255431


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