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Sentimental Value of Leather Gear

Have you ever owned a pair of old tattered shoes, that you have been trying to retain for years now! They may be too worn out for everyday use, but you cringe at the thought of discarding them or giving them away! Why is that? Do we sometimes get emotionally attached to our possessions? Why do they hold high sentimental value for us?

The reason these questions are swirling in my head is because I recently  got a pair of leather sneakers from a man for reconditioning! Believe it or not, he has retained them for 20 long years! They were dirty, scratched and worn off! I asked him if he still uses them! Pat came the reply

“Nope I do not! I stopped using them 10 years back! But there is something about these shoes that makes me hold on to them! I cannot imagine my life without them! I wore these shoes during the best years of my life! From my college days through to the days when I was struggling to become an entrepreneur! These shoes are symbolic of all important aspects of my life, my youth, my struggles, my victories and my moments of joy and sorrow! I cherish them and may never use them again but I want to preserve them and gift them to my boy when he turns 18! I want him to keep the shoes as a memento of his father’s memories!”

His moving tale brought tears to my eyes and I got my team all set to work on this priceless product! The sentimental value that a mere pair of shoes held for him, baffled me beyond belief! We sure did a good job! Do not asked what I charged him! For him, these shoes were surely priceless!

The Leather Laundry

I am glad I can offer a service that restores products that mean the world to some people! Over time, you not only get comfortable with a possession, but also get attached to it! What I am selling is not a mere service, I guess I am selling a lifestyle all together!

Cleaning leather shoes of sentimental value   cleaning leather shoes of sentimental value


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