Michael Kors (MK) Bag Repair in Bangalore – The Leather Laundry

Michael Kors (MK) Bag Repair in Bangalore – The Leather Laundry.

At TLL, India’s premium niche luxury leather & suede repair and spa service, expect to be taken aback by its expert team which proudly boasts immaculate knowledge and technical know-how in the field of leather handbags and their repair. We have technicians who understand brand aesthetics and detailing like no other; they truly restore your handbags to their former glory!

With more than 30 years of industry experience, TLL has established its position in the business and continues to do so with its unmatchable service quality.

We strive for quality and there’s nothing more that could make us satisfied than seeing our patrons appreciate our work.

Our team also constantly keeps patrons updated with before and after images for both parties to be on the same page. Along with this, we divulge post-care instruction and tips for leather care and have the products delivered at your doorsteps safely!

Door pick-up and drop facility in Bangalore!

We recently introduced a door pick-up and drop facility in Bangalore and it has smoothened our work process so much. Be it anything, handbag repair, handbag dry-cleaning, handbag restoration, we will deliver your handbag at your doorsteps regardless of the service it needs.

TLL caters to all the major metro cities of India and has the headquarter office in Delhi. It recently opened its office in Bangalore and it has only been a great journey since then.

Handbag repair services – TLL

TLL offers all kinds of handbag repair – patchwork, bag strap replacement, handbag edge repair, lining repair, bag zip repair, handle & strap repair, torn leather & suede replacement, piping repair, belt size alteration, strap length adjustment, patchwork, gold and silver hardware restoration on the handbag, and so much more. We also do aesthetic artwork, painting, and a plethora of customizations like zip addition, sling strap addition, handle addition, etc.

Our team is loaded with knowledge of all kinds and can impart repair and replacement solutions even on the toughest of handbags, wallets, belts, etc.

Under handbag repair or dry-cleaning, strap replacement, bag edge repair, restoring gold and silver hardware on handbags is our specialty and you should definitely try us out!

When you think of handbag repair or handbag dry-cleaning, think of The Leather Laundry! There’s no place better.

Handbag Repair Bangalore

Salvaged this torn patch on this Michael Kors handbag with creative artwork.

Handbag Repair Services

Altered the faded and spoilt color of this Michael Kors handbag.

Few tips & tricks for leather handbag repair

The leather develops a fine charisma and looks over time but if left uncared for and or in undesirable environmental surroundings, its color can fade and texture can be ruined. When properly cared for, a leather handbag can be stylish and useful for decades.

Leather as a concept is still very understated and has seen the light of the day only on rare occasions. With it being expensive and a little tough to maintain, constant care and upkeep are required.

Thankfully, you have us! We cover in this blog some quick tips and tricks for you to execute and treat your leather luxuries with care.

Broken zip repair:

  1. Open the zipper all the way.
  2. Now grab both sides of the zipper teeth and pull, pushing the flat side of the slider even more firmly against the leather.
  3. Open and adjust an ordinary pair of household pliers to the position that when you close it, it doesn’t close all the way.
  4. Position the pliers on either side of the slider both inside and outside of the pocket and gently pinch together. Then close your zipper.

It’s best to do this process several times until your zipper closes smoothly.

Lining repair on handbag:

  1. Pull the lining out of the bag. Unpick the bottom seam using a seam ripper or sewing scissors: open it enough to allow access to the inside of the lining.
  2. Cut a square of sticky interfacing large enough to cover the rip and place this behind it, inside the lining.
  3. Pull the fabric together so that it meets all the way along with the tear – this ensures a near-invisible repair and covers the interfacing.
  4. Set iron to medium and carefully apply it to the front of the fabric: the heat will make the interfacing bond with the material.
  5. To finish, sew the seam you unpicked.


Read TLL’s ‘How to store leather handbags & shoes – Tips by The Leather Laundry’ blog to know more about leather upkeep and storage.

Think of The Leather Laundry as the one-stop shop for all your handbag repair needs!

Get your handbags serviced with the finest handbag repair & dry-cleaning laundry in town at the comfort of your home. Bangalore folks, you’ve got TLL at your service at all times!

We wish to get bigger & better this year. Just keep the love flowing! 😉


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