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We received a pair of old, grubby, discoloured and torn Hermes Shoes for repair!

Check out our treatment and transformation images of our Hermes shoe repair project

Sole Repair / Patchwork

The sole of one of the shoes in the pair was badly damaged with a gaping hole! We managed to do some very neat patchwork with genuine leather and matched it’s colour with the rest of the shoes!

hermes shoe repair

Shoe Tip Repair /Patchwork

The torn shoe tips were also repaired and restored

hermes shoe repair

Shoe Spa / Shoe Colouring & Restoration 

Finally, we restored the entire colour of the shoe with matching dye to revive it

shoe repair & spa

At The Leather Laundry we take care of all your shoe cleaning, restoration, repair & replacement needs!

Shoes are an integral part of our life and add a touch of class to our overall attire! Since shoes are worn on a day-to-day basis, they tend to wear off rapidly! We here at The Leather Laundry offer the best online shoe repair and shoe dry cleaning service in Delhi, Mumbai & other metro cities of India. Pamper your leather sneakers, pumps, boots and heels with some tender loving care at TLL’s shoe spa today!

We specialise in restoring premium brands and seamlessly dabble with all kinds of shoes, heels & boots in suede, nubuck, coated canvas, metallic leather, patent etc.

Shoe Laundry

Think of shoe laundry in Delhi, Gurgaon & Mumbai, think of The Leather Laundry! With 30 years of industry experience in leather, we offer the finest shoe cleaning, shining & restoration services for your favorite suede & leather shoes, heels, boots etc. Our expert leather care technicians inspect each pair with utmost care, and accordingly recommend and apply the most appropriate treatment! With our deep cleaning and color restoration techniques, we restore your shoes back to their former glory and make them look brand new! We also offer to re-dye your shoes into an entirely different color! The Leather Laundry is thus one of the finest premium shoe dry cleaners in Mumbai & Delhi.

Online Shoe Repair in Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai

The Leather Laundry also offers the best leather shoe & boot repair services in Delhi & Mumbai! Heel repair & pasting, heel replacement, shoe stitching & patchwork, insole repair & replacement, sole repair & replacement, broken trim repair & replacement – you name it and we do it! We also remove shoe creases and increase size through shoe stretching. Our shoe repair services are of immaculate quality and durability!






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